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steve in politics studio banner

The secrets of giving dynamic, stand-out presentations. From the powerful opening line to that inspiring take-a-way moment.


How often have you sat through a presentation which was fascinating, uplifting, motivating and made you want to know more? Thought not! This is a course to show you that great presentations can be inspiring and can change your life and your work. Learn the skills to give great presentations.

The course covers

  • Inspiring your audience
  • Body language and eye contact
  • How to feel more confident
  • Getting your message across powerfully & professionally
  • Making it memorable and telling a story
  • Keeping calm under pressure
  • Q&As
  • Death by PowerPoint

As we record you in action we look at how you present yourself in a wide range of business situations. Get to grips with the tricks professional presenters use. Develop the skills to address a conference, such as making an entrance, (take-off and landing), ice breaking techniques, including your audience, and story not speech! Remember it’s not about you, it about the people listening to you.

Give a confident and compelling presentation.
Give a confident and compelling presentation.

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