Fascinating, Uplifting, Motivating

How often have you sat through a presentation which was fascinating, uplifting, motivating and made you want to know more? Thought not!  This is a course to show you that great presentations can be inspiring and can change your life and your work. Learn the skills to give great presentations.

The day covers:

  • Dealing with nerves
  • Inspiring your audience
  • Body language and eye contact
  • How to feel more confident
  • Getting your message across powerfully & professionally
  • Making it memorable and telling a story
  • Keeping calm under pressure
  • Q&As
  • Death by PowerPoint

As we record you in action we look at how you present yourself in a wide range of business situations. Get to grips with the tricks professional presenters use. Develop the skills to address a conference, such as making an entrance, ice breaking techniques, speech-making, and keeping them interested!

“Thought this was one of the best and most useful and also enjoyable training courses that I’ve done“

We analyse body language from the first greeting to the negotiating table. And, ‘what not to wear’, from the board room to dress-down days.

People form an opinion of you in the first two seconds – so making a good first impression is vital.

Your audience only remember 10% of what you say… but what they do remember is how you made them feel.

“Excellent insight on how to improve a presentation and how you present yourself to an audience.“

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