Can your organisation handle a Crisis?

The way your organisation handles a crisis is crucial. You never know when disaster will strike– but many organisations are completely unprepared for the media reaction. Planning is essential in today’s fast moving TV, radio and social media world.

  • Realistic scenarios tailored to your organisation
  • Real time TV & radio coverage of your Crisis Management Exercises
  • Creating a media plan
  • Handling rolling news and social media coverage
  • Dealing with hostile interviews

We’ve worked with high street banks, national tourist attractions, the emergency services, industry and local councils as they get their ‘Gold’ teams to deal with hypothetical emergencies from bomb blasts and natural disasters to avian flu, workplace accidents and flooding.

We work with organisations to tackle the hardest issues – from redundancies and factory closures- to the most sensitive of news stories.

We also take part in full scale emergency exercises where everything has been planned – except how to handle the media!

Teams who have planned meticulously for a whole range of events are often completely thrown by the involvement of the media. The results can have a lasting impact.

When things do go wrong it’s essential that you show that your company cares. Show compassion – whether it’s a major oil spill in the Gulf or a burst gas main – let the public know that you understand.

Get out there and talk to the press – even if you have nothing new to tell them – make sure the public can see you’re taking action and are doing everything in your power to get to the bottom of the situation.

Don’t hide behind your desk. If you don’t address the situation the company looks cold and uncaring. Instead of interviewing you, the media will approach anybody with a theory about what’s happened, and that could be disgruntled public or staff. Stay in control!

LeFevre Media Crisis Management courses help you to handle the media when things go wrong and limit the damage to your company.

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