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Let's do your media training on Zoom. Remote working is the new world - Why not get ahead of the game?


THE media is changing fast! . Zoom, Meet & Teams have become a way of life in business and to some extent in broadcast interviews.
Online video can be a game …changer when used well!


Since the pandemic we’ve now done many sessions on Zoom and the courses contain the same high quality elements as our regular events, but add in tricks and techniques for how you should look and sound on video platforms. As companies adapt and improvise, and new ways of remote working gradually become permanent, never has communication training been more relevant.

You’ll find out how to get your message across, what the media is looking for, how to prepare for interviews, what happens behind the scenes and how to deal with a whole range of interviews, from good news stories to a crisis. And, how to look great on zoom!

Online video has become the new mass media.
Online video has become the new mass media.

We pride ourselves on our research and make sure each delegate does plenty of practice interviews and debrief on their own subject.

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