Train on Zoom…for Zoom

The media is changing-fast. Zoom, Meet & Teams  have become a way of life in business, socially and on TV.  Video communication can be a game-changer … when used well.

Our courses

Like all businesses we thought long an hard about how we could adapt to the new way of working without losing any of the quality our clients have grown to know and love. Training ‘away-days’, and going into group sessions at company HQs is on hold. Could we provide top end training online? Like you, we wanted to be certain. The answer is ‘yes’. We’ve now done many sessions on zoom and the courses contain the same high quality elements as our regular events, but add in tricks and techniques for how you should look and sound on video platforms. As companies adapt and improvise, and new ways of remote working gradually become permanent, never has communication training been more relevant.

You’ll find out how to get your message across, what the media are looking for, how to prepare for interviews, what happens behind the scenes and how to deal with a whole range of interviews from good news stories to a crisis. Oh, and how to look great on zoom!

We pride ourselves on our research and everyone does plenty of practice interviews on their own subject.

The added benefit to our clients is that the courses online are more economical. Contact us click here to see how we can help you at very attractive rates.    


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