Whether you’re a CEO with a bit of a crisis looming, or a nervous first timer who wants to get to grips with great communication, LeFevre Media gives you the know-how to make sure you’re totally equipped and confident to take control of your media or presentation event.

This is a day full of new experiences. We don’t talk at you. We’ll work with you to to develop the skills and techniques to show the best of you. You’ll eliminate jargon, sharpen up your body language, conquer nerves and focus on key messages. You’ll discover how to answer the ‘stinger’ question, deflect difficult topics and avoid the unguarded comment. You’ll improve immensely your impact both visually and in what you say. and so become a dynamic and appealing interviewee. You’ll see the media in a whole new light!

All of our trainers are current broadcasters and journalists who will share their media experience with you.

Together we’ll show you how to:

  • Give great TV, radio & press interviews
  • Handle tough questions
  • Get rid of the jargon
  • Look & feel confident
  • Get your message across
  • Make it memorable
  • Present with impact to the public & colleagues

Join us for inspirational training as we explain how things work in the media. What you need to know? What questions to ask? How can you take control?

From helping Chief Executives and Directors handle highly sensitive news stories on national TV & Radio – to people who want to present with impact – we help you prepare for any media or presentation opportunity.  Prior to any course we do extensive research to make sure the interviews on the day are current, topical, relevant to your organisation – and of network standard.

Typical Itinerary

09:30 – Informal Greetings
  • Coffee and introductions
  • What the day is about
  • How the media works and how to make it work for you
09:45 – Radio Workshop 1
  • How to approach an interview, preparation, jargon
  • Explaining complex issues in a nutshell / giving examples
  • Radio interviews. Delegates have their first shot behind the mic!
  • Playback and analysis
09:50 – Radio Workshop 2 : Planning your interview
  • Avoiding common mistakes
  • The 3 Key Points
  • Different types of interview: Press, OBs, studio, ‘down the line’
  • Answering difficult questions
10:00 – Coffee
11:15 – Prepare for interviews on your own specialised subject area
  • What information you need to get across in your interview
12:00 – In-depth interviews
  • Delegates do recorded radio interviews
  • Playback and discuss
13:00 – Lunch
13:30 – Presentation Skills
  • Speaking with impact
  • How to make them listen
Introduction to Television
  • Body language and signals – look and feel comfortable
  • What not to wear!
  • Understand what’s happening ‘backstage’
14:00 – TV Workshop 1
  • Short TV interview
  • Feedback on TV interviews
14:45 – Coffee
15:00 – TV Workshop 2
  • Hostile interviews & dealing with difficult questions.
  • How to deal with confrontation
  • Down the Line TV interviews
  • Outside Broadcasts / Studio Interviews
  • ‘Keynote’ interview
16:00 – Playback and Analysis
16:30 – Debrief, Questions & Answers. Finish

We're never far from the phone or our emails. If you have any questions, please do get in touch.