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We’re all shocked to the core by recent events, which have resulted in significant changes to all our lives socially as well as professionally. We’ll come through it as a country, but just when normality returns is anyone’s guess. We can only listen to the experts, and heed the advice of the politicians.

Many companies are facing enormous changes, and we at LeFevre Media are adapting, too. Travelling the country and meeting fabulously wide and diverse groups of delegates on our media training courses, from CEOs of the country’s top organisations to councils and charities, is no longer an option, certainly for the foreseeable future.

However it’s in times of crisis that communication is so important.

So we’ll continue to provide media, communication and presentation training and consultation remotely in a variety of ways.

For groups we can provide fully interactive training via Zoom, with delegates at home on their laptops. They’ll get the benefit of the full LeFevre Media methodology, and can practice interviews and perfect their messaging, tone and body language as they would on a training away day.

We can also provide one to one training, on Zoom or Skype, and of course provide the usual full backup including free telephone advice and a copy of their TV interviews or presentations.


We’re proud of the wonderful relationships we’ve built up over the last fourteen years with our clients, who come back to us time and time again, and we’ll continue to help and guide them, and you, through the media maze.

Please do get in touch to see how we can create a bespoke session for you – we know you have loads on your mind at the minute, but in the weeks ahead it could prove to be a very worthwhile session for you or your team.