Create Stories the Press will Love

We’re always amazed at the number of great stories which organisations are sitting on.

Even when you do have a story – it’s important that you know how to package it up to get the best coverage.

As broadcasters, we’ve spent a lifetime identifying stories which make great features or news. This workshop helps you identify what the media are looking for – and give them just that. We’ll help you to create copy the press will love and change everyday stories into newsworthy ones.

How to Write a Great Press Release

le Fevre Media show you how to write effective releases which won’t get deleted.

Journalists don’t want a novel – they want a catchy headline and a reason to care. They’re busy people with a bulging ‘in-box’, so put all the main facts up front. You need to have them hooked in the first few lines. Nobody wants to trawl through four pages of corporate speak only to find that there isn’t really a story there. This workshop shows you how to put a media ‘peg’ onto your story, how to format your press releases and who to send them to.

90% of press releases are deleted unread. This is an opportunity to get yours noticed.

You won’t always come up with an award winning headline – but one of our all-time favourites came from the Sun back in 2000:

(2000 – When Inverness Team Caledonian Thistle beat Celtic in the Scottish Cup)


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