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Refresher & Advanced Courses :  Polishing up your skills is essential. We’ll make sure you can take control, handle more challenging interviews and Q&As, speak with authenticity, authority and most of all, inspire. 

Training on zoom has opened up a whole new opportunity for cost effective personalized coaching. we’ve trained some of the uk’s top spokespeople and we’d love to work with you

Let us help you improve your performance in:

  • Media Training Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • press conferences and launches
  • Mix & match in one of our blended courses

Beginners Courses : Giving presentations or media interviews can be intimidating and nerve racking. We’ll build your confidence and take you through all the techniques you’ll need to become an accomplished and personable performer. We’ll film and playback during the course and guarantee you’ll see a huge improvement.

Rita Chowdhry Today show Aus
Rita Chowdhry author of Get Savvi

I have been very successful in getting several radio and television interviews, including with international television companies, and it is largely down to the preparation LeFevre Media gave me
Rita Chowdhry of ‘Savran Coaching and Consulting’ & author of ‘Get Savvi’