Communication – It’s not rocket science!

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‘Good communication is about being understood.’ Not one of ours, nor even one we nicked from a brilliant self-help guru. It came from a phone-in caller to a radio station, and we loved it. Never a truer word was spoken. Especially in tough times. We’ve had some great sessions in the last few weeks, from longstanding valued clients like Kew Gardens to individual execs preparing for job interviews. The beauty of zoom training is that diaries are easier to fix, and travelling is no longer an issue. Recently we’ve had delegates joining from Addis Ababa, Sweden, Karachi and Wakefield!


A message from one Head of Comms about a recent zoom course –
“I’ve just had a call from one of the team positively bursting with enthusiasm saying that it’s the best training that they’ve ever done. They said that it was lovely that it was tailored to them individually and that they found you both really personable and lovely to work with”

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